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We investigate, through scholarship and research, the social, cultural and psychological factors that are related to involvement and performance in physical activity, exercise and sport.

Our group includes scholars and researchers working in the areas of health promotion, health psychology, exercise psychology and sport psychology. We address a broad range of issues from a behavioural science perspective using qualitative and quantitative methods.

These issues include:

  • values, institutions, and policies that influence health behaviour
  • psychological processes surrounding involvement in exercise and sport
  • factors affecting interaction processes and team/group dynamics
  • behavioural strategies for health enhancement and optimal performance

Specific areas of teaching and research interest for staff in our group include:

  • healthy lifestyle interventions
  • performance enhancement
  • self-determination and exercise
  • overtraining, staleness and burnout
  • resilience and mental toughness
  • self-efficacy and partnership dynamics
  • injury rehabilitation and coping
  • priming, automaticity and health habits

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