Sport Science, Exercise and Health

Lifespan Physical Activity and Health

This interdisciplinary research theme focuses on the modification of healthy lifestyle behaviours.

A lifespan approach to investigating positive health behaviours aligns with the Australian Government’s Strategic Research Priorities in Medicine and Health, targeting issues related to nutrition, physical inactivity, and other modifiable risks.

Paediatric exercise science is an emerging specialty in this theme, with numerous applied research and community outreach programs complementing best-practice physical activity interventions among adults of all ages.

Additional areas of research emphasis include health promotion, exercise psychology, school-based physical activity, exercise during pregnancy, and exercise among older adults.

Research strengths

  • Health promotion
  • Exercise psychology
  • Paediatric exercise science
  • School-based physical activity
  • Exercise during pregnancy
  • Exercise benefits for older adults

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Sport Science, Exercise and Health

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