Sport Science, Exercise and Health

High Performance in Sport and Industry

This interdisciplinary research theme involves the School’s research activity over five decades, related to maximising human performance at the highest level in sporting and industry settings.

We draw expertise from several sub-disciplines including:

  • Sports physiology and nutrition
  • Sports biomechanics and motor learning
  • Applied sports psychology
  • Sports medicine and injury prevention

Research strengths

The High Performance in Sport and Industry research group prides itself on producing high-quality, applied research relevant to both athletic and industry-based situations. The research output of this group has a particular focus on practical outcomes, with research translation ‘from the lab to the pitch’ a key driver in our thinking. With this in mind, our key research strengths include:

  • Athletic performance optimisation
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Technology and innovation
  • Safe and productive workplaces

Research partners

The theme capitalises on our established relationships with high profile sport organisations:


Sport Science, Exercise and Health

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