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Helen (Crewe) Bayne

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Start date

Feb 2009

Submission date

Feb 2012

Helen (Crewe) Bayne


Lumbo-sacral loading in junior fast bowlers


An investigation into lumbo-sacral biomechanics during fast bowling in junior cricketers.

Why my research is important

Lumbar stress fractures occur frequently in young fast bowlers and this injury can prevent a cricketer from bowling for several months, sometimes even ending a career. Large shoulder counter-rotation has been consistently linked to the development of this injury, but the mechanics of the lumbar spine during bowling is not well understood. This research will provide further information on the mechanism of lumbar spinal injuries in junior fast bowlers. It is hoped that this knowledge will assist in the design and implementation of injury prevention programs for this vulnerable group of cricketers, so that they are not lost to the sport through injury.


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