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Kane Middleton

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Start date

Mar 2007

Submission date

Mar 2011

Kane Middleton


Ball Release Velocity: A Forward Kinematic Approach


This collection of studies extends the understanding of ball release speed development in cricket fast bowlers. A full body kinematic and kinetic analysis will be undertaken, with the quantification of how much variability exists within the system. A ‘Forward Kinematic Model’ will be used to quantify the contribution of body segments to ball release speed and whether these joint manipulations are attainable for the sample population.

Why my research is important

As the use of linear statistics in previous research to quantify the relationship between technique and ball release speed can only be viewed as an approximation, a more accurate way to investigate this relationships is needed. The development and implementation of a FKM will give a better representation of such relationships. However, to fully appreciate the outcomes of using a FKM, a comprehensive understanding of fast-bowling joint kinematics and kinetics is necessary.


  • Cricket Australia


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