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Ted Polglaze

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Start date

Mar 2014

Submission date

Ted Polglaze


Using player tracking technology to quantify energetics of intermittent activity in elite team sport


Study 1 will evaluate the typical Metabolic Power characteristics of international men’s hockey competition. Study 2 will compare Metabolic Power to existing measures of external load (i.e. displacement and accelerometry) to determine the most effective tool for monitoring work rate in hockey. Using this tool, Study 3 will then investigate the time course of the relationship between internal and external load in elite hockey competition, with the aim of determining if any change in this relationship can signify prevailing work capacity, and the onset of performance limiting fatigue, on a real-time basis.

Why my research is important

Player tracking devices (e.g. GPS) are used extensively in team sports to monitor athlete workloads. The inherent assumption is that total distance and average velocity are indicative of volume and intensity respectively. However, because the activity is a perpetually changing series of accelerations and decelerations, the energy cost is greater. This research will attempt to improve our understanding of this intermittent activity and develop a tool to assess work rate, fatigue and recovery status in real-time for team sport athletes.


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