Sport Science, Exercise and Health

Principles and Mechanisms of Movement

This research theme focuses on understanding the fundamental physiological, molecular, psychological and neuromusculoskeletal principles and mechanisms of biological systems and human movement/activity.

Using a variety of experimental approaches, we use basic science to develop and improve best practice methods, experimental procedures and computational models.

These methods, procedures and/or models are then used to answer fundamental research questions associated with the biology, pathobiology and complex mechanistic pathways associated with human performance, health and disease. It is through this multidisciplinary approach that we can create empirical foundations to best inform both applied and clinical research.

Research strengths

  • Neuromusculoskeletal modelling and simulation
  • Macro and molecular comparative biology
  • Cardiovascular biology
  • Psychometrics

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From a cellular to macro level, we are interested in the principles and mechanisms of movement.


Contact theme leaders Asst/Prof Cyril Donnelly or Professor Paul Fournier if you have any questions.


Sport Science, Exercise and Health

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